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Understanding What A Brand Is and Isnt
Branding is less about getting target market customers to choose your company over the competition and more about getting your target market to see that your company is the only one that provides a solution to their problem.
London web Design Company will clarify what the objectives that an effective brand must achieve:
Delivers the message clearly
Confirms your credibility
Connects your target prospects emotionally
Motivates the buyer
Cements user loyalty
Its important to understand that you wont succeed in branding unless you understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You do this by integrating your brand strategies throughout your company at every point of public contact.
Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of your customers, clients and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence and some of which you cannot.
Because businesses battle day-in and day-out to not only retain existing customers but gain new ones, having a strong brand can be invaluable. Its important that you spend time in researching, defining and strengthening your brand. After all, your brand is something of a promise to your customers. Its the foundational piece of your marketing communications, and something you dont want to be without.

Its important to define your companys brand identity (or products personality) before you spend any money at all on advertising or marketing. Many people mistakenly use the terms branding, marketing, public relations and advertising interchangeable, but theyre not the same. If you start spending money on marketing, public relations and advertising without first establishing a solid brand, youll find that it is money wasted. Branding happens before these other activities.
At Kings Cross Media, London leading Web Design Company, they first create the brand and then then raise awareness of it.
Branding isnt just about awareness; its about your personality. Most people are aware of cancer, but how many people want it? Branding is about getting your customers to see you as the only solution to their problem. Once youre viewed as “the only” such company, theres suddenly no other place for your customers to go. This means your customers will pay a premium for your brand.
Your product or service is not your brand and neither is your logo or business card. Your brand is the genuine personality of your business. Your brand is what your company stands for and what it is known for. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you stand for and then go around the room and ask company leaders what they think the company stands for. Settle on one or two brand pillars and build your brand around them. If you cant define your brand, then your customers wont be able to either. And then you run the risk of having someone else define your brand for you probably one of your competitors.
Think of a brand as a promise and branding as the act of devising the promise your company makes to the world. Marketing, on the other hand, is the strategy that differentiates your companys brand promise from all the other brand promises offered by companies in your industry sector. Marketing is like a toolbox that contains branding, advertising, direct mail, market research, public relations and other business development tools.
Your brand is your lifestyle so if you havent taken the time to specify your companys brand, doesnt spend another dime on marketing, advertising or public relations activities until you do.